Mrs. Ashwini Jadhav

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our school where we believe that each child is different as a student, as a learner. Education is not just a process of imparting knowledge for a prosperous future but a lifelong process which creates a good citizen of our country and world.

Schooling occupies a large part in every child’s life, so we at IMKS believe that our school should be a second home for these tiny tots and get all moral and emotional support along with motivation. Our expert and enthusiastic teachers make learning very easy and fun filled with the various teaching aids and techniques.

Children are encouraged to be humble and also to develop a sense of responsibility through well–planned academic schedules, daily homework etc. Involving students in various activities like colour-day, fruit–day, toy-day and many more, increases their enthusiasm towards learning. Writing is made easier with sand-tracing etc. Students are introduced with different recitation competitions and speeches to develop confidence and stage daring at this small age itself. Our school gathering is best platform for this where our smart kids perform in front of a huge crowd. Activities like market view and quiz competitions, sport competitions make them interactive. Celebration of Ashadhi Ekadashi and Dahi handi imbibe and carry forward our cultural values.

It gives feeling of immense satisfaction to observe our tiny toddlers soon gaining confidence and develop in various aspects such at social, emotional and cognitive development with the help of our homely and caring atmosphere with skillful heads dedicated staff, and excellent resources and building.

Thus we don’t just educate, but mould our students to be MODEL here in our

Mrs.Ashwini Jadhav

Management of Covid-19 in Children
by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare