Curricular & Co-Curricular

Indian Model Kids School believes in following Indian culture along with academics. So our new academic year begins with traditional Aukshan following our Indian culture. A grand welcome is given to our kids with great enthusiasm by doing Aukshan to all the children. Regular routine of the KG students begin with the prayer followed by shlok recitation and pranayama.

Academic Features

Study of the day starts with the oral sessions which include recitation of rhymes / poems stories with actions, general value education and G. K. questions. Writing is made interesting by using various tracing activities like tracing on rangoli, sand etc. Special personalized attention is given to the students. The activity sheets are designed to encourage self-studying in an enjoyable way. The E-learning facility interests the students to visualize the unknown on a larger canvas. The books included in the curriculum ensure the academic progress and development of the students in the right direction.

Co-curricular Activities in School

Significance of important days and festivals are imbibed in the student through various celebrations and activities. Physical fitness is also taken care of, through various sports activities and weekly Mass P.T. session. Schooling of KG section becomes joyous with playing amenities like ladder and slide, swing, see saw and merry go round. The importance of human values and good behaviour is imbibed in the student’s mind through weekly value education activity.
Along with the academics, overall development of KG kids is brought about through the varied activities carried throughout the year such as :-
 Various Cultural Programes

Ashadhi Ekadashi Dindi- The traditional importance of "Wari" is marked by involving kids as Warkaris forming a ringan around Vithal Rukhmini. Students are dressed up as Vitthal, Rukmini, Dnyaneshwar, Sopandeo, Muktabai, Nivruttinath, Tukaram, Eknath, Namdev etc.On this occasion, Story and Abhang recitation competitions are conducted to preserve and carry forward the Indian culture of Shloks and Geets. Dahi Handi Celebration – Lord Krishna had a special love and understanding for his friends who were called Gwalas and Gopikas. This love is depicted through Dahi Handi Celebration. Kids with Colourful dresses represent Radha, Krishna, Gwalas and Gopikas and enjoy breaking of Dahi Handi by forming a typical Human Pyramid.

Sports and Physical Education week

We always focus on overall development of the child, so we arrange various competitions to boost different skills of the child. Along with academics we take different sports competitions such as running race, book balancing, potato race etc. Students enjoy these competitions.

Quiz competition

General knowledge is equally important for a child, along with academics. So a quiz competition is conducted where our tiny kids face different rounds of questions, including general knowledge, memory round, recognition etc. This boosts the confidence of our tiny kids.
 Learning by Doing

  • Market View Activity - Introduction of variety of fruits and vegetables along with their nutritional values is given through this activity with practical demonstration of the actual buying and selling going on in the market.
  • Colour days – On a colour day the students see the same colour everywhere which imbibe the concept of it in the child’s mind. On these colour days student’s attires the ambience and their food in the same colour helps learning the colour in a fun way. Colour days are celebrated with different colours like red, blue, green, yellow, pink brown etc.
  • Tastes Demo – Students are made to taste various food items like chilly, lemon juice, sugar, bitter goard, salt and thus they are introduced to the various tastes.
  • Seed Plantation - Students are introduced to the various steps involved in seed plantation and they actually perform  them. As the seed grows into a sapling, the students are shown the various stages and thus they are introduced to various parts of a plant and the value of growing more trees is also imbibed in them.
  • Nutrition week:- Nutrition week is celebrated in the school. Teachers demonstrate the recipes of some easy nutritious food items and students actively participate in this. The nutritional importance of eating healthy food is explained to them.
  • Buttoning the shirt, tying the lace - Students are actually taught how to button their shirts and tie their  shoe lace. The activity is conducted in a fun conducted way.

Annual Social gathering


Annual gathering is the most awaited attraction of every year where thousands of students participate every year. Kids perform splendidly with their colourful and attractive costumes specially designed for them. Their innocent moves make them look cute while performing. Kids perform confidently in front of a crowd of thousands, thus making us as well as their parents proud. Thus Indian Model Kids School focuses equally on academics and learning by doing to bring out the best in the students.

 Various Activities

  • Letter to parents - Students write a letter to the parents to share their love towards their friends, teachers and school, and express about the fun they have in the school. Receiving it through the postman, pleasantly surprises the parents a great deal.
  • Postman activity – It is conducted for students, where even the parents give surprising messages with greeting cards, through a postman in the school.
  • Fancy dress activity - Theme based fancy dress competitions are arranged which boosts the creativity of students as well as the parents. Fancy dress themes such as cartoon characters, fruits, vegetables, great leaders, various electronic gadgets, solar system are introduced for this activity.
  • Our helpers activity - This activity focuses that each profession and helper is equally important in our daily life and every profession has its own respect right from a Sweeper to an Astronaut. Students dress up as various characters and tell the importance and the work they do.
  • Drawing, Craft and Clay activity – Children enjoy these hands on activities the most. It is a great mode of recreation and brings out their creativity in a colourful and artistic way.
  • Puppet show - Stories are enacted live through attractive hand puppets, and themes such as miniature forests, rivers, farms etc. are created which give them the feeling of live show and make the stories easy to understand.
  • Carnival – Fairs and Carnivals are always exciting. So we have one such at our school too, where kids enjoy it with their friends through different rides, games, food stalls, masks, balloons, sugar candies and many more things.
  • Hurda party - Hurda party is a special attraction of Maharashtra, so we arrange such hurda parties for our kids along will bullock cart rides, one minute games along with eating hurda (tender Jowar cobs) with the peculiar combination of jaggery, peanuts, chutneys and snacks..
  • First Aid Activity – A first aid box well equipped with all the basic first aid like ointment bandage, Dettol, cotton swabs etc. is shown to the students and the importance of each is explained to the students.

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